Audiometric Assessments

Why Should We Implement A Program?

If your workplace exceeds 85dB you must wear some form of hearing protection that is compliant with Australian Standards.

Hearing conservation is a widely known issue and employers need to be aware that you can test your employees on a periodic basis to track hearing loss and reinforce awareness to comply with hearing protection.

Each assessment takes approximately 8-10 minutes and includes a standard air conduction audiogram, inspection of each employee's current PPE (ear plugs/ear muffs), demonstration and instruction on correct PPE usage.

What Are The Benefits?

Health Management Assist will supply you with a copy of all audiograms, along with a summary of abnormal results and further recommendations. The results will be analysed to identify any trends between hearing abnormalities and sections within your company, so proactive measures can be put into place.

All audiometric procedures conducted by Health Management Assist are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZ 1269.4:1998 and results are assessed as per National Acoustics Laboratory Report No. 80 as required by NSW State Legislation.

Assessments can be conduced on and/or off site. However it is a requirement of the Australian Standard AS/NZ 1269.4:1998 that the room that the assessments will take place in must be sound pressure tested prior to the assessment for background and ambient noise levels.

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