Executive Medical Assessments

A comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment program can assist to improve your executive’s health awareness and motivate them to introduce interventions to improve their health and wellbeing. The aim of which is to decrease the risk lost time due to ill health or injury within your company.

From our experience, most employees working within management teams or as executives within a company, do not receive or seek the quality health care they require. Lifestyle factors such as stress, sedentary habits and increased work hours, put their health at risk.

Your company’s executives are its future and the health and wellness of your staff are critical to the long term success of your organisation. Preventative health care is a very powerful tool that can be used to identify risk factors before they lead to serious medical problems. We could give you a full list of these medical problems, however why risk these problems if you have the right solution?

Assist Group offers a wide range of executive based services, which can be tailored to suit any organisation. Each package is designed for busy executives who are low on time but wanting to manage their health and lifestyle. The full list of our services and packages is available within our Executive Health proposal. Simply enter your details below for a customized quotation.

By choosing Assist Group for executive medical health programs, you are choosing a quality experience focused on ensuring your executive employees are as productive as possible due to their optimal well being.

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