Fitness for Duty Medicals

Fitness for Duty Medical Assessments

Assist Group treats both work-related and non work-related injury and illness the same. The ability or inability of a worker to perform the inherent functional requirements of a role is a serious safety concern for all businesses across Australia.

Assist Group provides key and critical information on a worker’s medical and health status in relation to performing the inherent functional requirements of a role. Through our detailed assessment service, this is the process we follow:


With the employer’s assistance, we collect information in regards to the inherent physical requirements of the role. This could be through previous workplace assessments, suitable duties registers or job dictionary. If this information is not available then we can attend site to obtain this information.


With the employee’s informed consent, we can obtain and collect medical history and information relating to the injury or illness. If there is not substantial medical information available, further imaging or a letter from the treating doctor may be required.


Our senior medical director will review the collected medical history and discuss the medical assessment style required to address the specific injury or illness. This may or may not require a physical examination.


A detailed report is compiled and a management plan may be issued to help the employer and employee safely manage the return to work or ongoing medical treatment process with the most durable options highlighted. We can assist to implement this process if the internal resources are not available.

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