On-site Manual Handling Training

Onsite or Face to Face Training Solutions

The aim of Assist Group’s Manual Handling Training program is to decrease the total number of workplace injuries, by providing your employees with an innovative program, which encompasses a multitude of possible injury prevention avenues. This customised training program will be specifically tailored to your company, employees and job tasks, educating your staff in the areas of workplace injuries, specific work fitness exercises, postural recommendations, manual handling training & safe lifting considerations relevant to your workplace.

  • Face to face customized on-site training and assessments specifically branded and tailored to your organisation
  • Online Generic training and assessments, for individuals or remote location
  • Custom produced video filmed on-site with online delivery and assessments specifcally branded and tailored to your organisation

Hazardous Manual Task in Regards to the Work Health Safety Act 2011

Under the harmonized Work Health and Safety Act 2011 it is stated under Regulation 60:

This is great for organisations who have large numbers of transient workers or remote staff that are hard to get together at once for face to face training.

“A person conducting a business or undertaking must manage risks to health and safety relating to a musculoskeletal disorder associated with a hazardous manual task”

By implementing Assist Group’s Manual Handling Training you are assisting to meet your obligation under the Act, whilst being proactive in reducing the risk of injury and costs associated with injury.

During the 2008-09 financial year it was calculated that the average total cost in Australia for preventable injuries that occur due to the poor manual handling were $69,700 ($per work-related incident). This total includes time loss, WorkCover premium costs and even loss of productivity of surrounding or supporting employees as they work harder to cover the workload of the injured worker.

Keeping this figure in mind, determining a cost benefit analysis of a full customised, face to face manual handling training program should be quite simple, as the cost of the training program is insignificant when compared to that average cost of injury.

The Benefits of Engaging Assist Group to Complete Your Manual Handling Training Program

By engaging Assist Group to develop and perform your manual handling training, as an employer you have the potential to assist your company in:

  • Reducing frequency and severity of manual handling injuries.
  • Reducing lost time due to injuries.
  • Saving money through reduced workers compensation premiums and reduced down time associated with injuries.

Employees that undergo our training programs also benefit highly by not only gaining a deeper understanding of hazardous manual tasks, but through feeling empowered to identify and report identified risks within their workplace as they have a better understanding and appreciation of how hazardous tasks affect their body.

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