Direct Rehabilitation and Return to Work Services

Assist Group has been working with a broad range of industries for the past twenty five years to assist in their individual injury management needs. Our unique outcome generation model develops a singularity of direction amongst stakeholders and communicates this direction with the same in a team based atmosphere. Assist Group aligns the forces that drive the return to work outcome in the most efficient manner possible.

This is achieved using Assist Groups Medical Management Model (MMM) which analyses the health issues involved to produce a medical action plan. Assist Group is the only injury management company that truly brings to bare multidisciplinary execution in claims management. Driven by a medical model, Assist Group views Injuries as a health issue as well as a claims issue. Our medical management model is unique in delivering return to work outcomes of the highest minimum response times.

Management of claims in general is uncoordinated, fragmented and in effective. This path leads to loss of control of the claim. The result:

  • For the human resource this means poor health outcome and a protracted recovery.
  • For the Employer this results in a Rapid escalation of Worker's Compensation premium, and costs of replacement of human resources (temporary and permanent).
  • For the Insurer this leads to costs in managing the claim and negative impact on outcome remuneration.

Managing health interventions in house increase communication effectiveness, reduces response time and delivers superior outcomes in the shortest time frame. The savings generated by this approach has been demonstrated with many major clients and insurers over the past 10 years.

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