Hazardous Substances Training

Don't Get Burnt in Your Workplace!

You have recognized that the chemicals or substances in your work site could be dangerous or hazardous to your health. Either through:

  • An issue identified through Internal OH&S audit or committee
  • An incident (such as a chemical burn)
  • A Spillage
  • Or because of an improvement notice from WorkCover

How Do Substances Enter the Body?

The most common ways are:

  • by breathing in the substance (inhalation)
  • absorption through the skin (dermal)
  • accidental swallowing (ingestion)

If your staff don't know how to protect themselves the risk of illness or injury is a real possibility.

Save Time and Money?

Injury prevention is better than cure! One injury can cost your company 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars in increased Workers Compensation Premiums. Hazardous Substances Training can help to prevent injuries & illness related to the storage and handling at your worksite. Not to mention YOUR frustration in finding a replacement staff member when an incident occurs.

Next Steps?

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