Silica Medicals

Assist Group’s Silica Medicals have been designed to provide your workers with peace of mind as we address all the common concerns we have observed over years. We aim to provide education, knowledge and tools to manage subsequent potential exposures. Building much more value for your company and staff into our offering.

Workers exposed to Crystalline Silica are required to undergo a Medical Examination by a WorkCover-accredited doctor under the provisions of the dust diseases Act in your relevant state or territory. Or under Section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Assist Group’s medical team is accredited to complete Silica medicals, either following an exposure or as a part of an ongoing maintenance assessment program. Our Silica medical program, performed in conjunction with a Silica management plan, will allow your company to comply with all relevant Hazardous Substances and Work Health Safety regulations.

Each of our Silica medicals includes the following:

  • Lung function assessment (Chest expansion and lung sounds)
  • Spirometry
  • Chest X-ray (Completed to ILO standard per SafeWork Australia requirements)
  • Height, Weight and Blood Pressure

Safe Work Australia guidelines for Crystalline Silica monitoring requires pulmonary function tests (spirometry) be performed as baseline and annually and chest x-rays (recorded according to current International Labour Organisation classification ie ILO standard) are to be performed at baseline, and then every 5-10 years in the first 20 years of work. An abnormal x-ray or 20-years exposure or more will require x-rays on a more frequent basis.

Silica Medicals are conducted via appointment only and must be booked in advance. We have the capacity to assess large groups if you have a need for bulk Silica Medicals.

To secure your Silica Medicals, please contact our medical reception in your location by clicking here or submit your details below and we will contact you direct to arrange your appointment needs.

Assist Group's chief medical officer, Dr Peter Aldridge, has over 25 years experience in the field of Industrial Medicine and is a WorkCover-accredited Medical Practitioner for Hazardous Substances.

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