Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

The implementation of an Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P) will enable management to extend its range and scope of Occupational Health and Safety programs. E.A.P's are an accepted practice as an adjunct to duty of care provisions and the management of workplace relations.

An EAP offers a substantial cost-benefit consideration favourable to employer and employee. The main benefit to the organisation will be reduced staff turnover, reduced need for recruitment/selection and placement and initial training requirements.

EAP's should reflect the best tenets of a company-based occupational health program which applies a set of policies and review procedures to enable professional intervention with employees who have been identified as having personal or emotional problems and which interfere directly, or indirectly, with job performance and productivity.

How are we different in the market?

  • Our EAP and Critical Incident services are premium business grade
  • We are NOT an extension of a problem gambling organisation or private practice
  • We do NOT continue a private treating relationship with your staff after the set number of sessions is completed. So there is no motivation for us to over service
  • We focus our treatment on wellness, return to work and psychological claims prevention
  • We do not operate on a retainer based system. You only pay for what you use
  • We only use Registered Psychologists supplying the service, not social workers, rehabilitation counsellors or other counsellors or other counsellors and therapists
  • After hours phone counselling for employees by appointment only

How Does the Program Operate?

PsychAssist offers a service-oriented approach which will provide management with usage information and prompt support to staff - without the necessity of establishing a full, on-site program. Preventative action or intervention can be initiated by management or the individual employee.

PsychAssist operates the program which provides a confidential assessment and counseling service in off-site, confidential surrounds on a sessional basis. However, on some occasions, on-site consultation is necessary and beneficial (ie critical incident debriefing or critical incident counseling).

On-Site Critical Incident Debriefing can be arranged sometime same or very next day.

Consultations can be arranged at Liverpool NSW, Sydney CBD, or on-site in the greater Sydney region. Response to a call will be immediate and depending on needs, the initial interview could be arranged with several days notice. In the case of an accident, critical incident or emergency, and depending on location, the initial response to a call for service would be made within 12 to 24 hours.

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